Friday, August 28, 2009

A Yoga filled Friday

Thank you to my sweet friend Robyn, who is allowing me to use her beautiful studio to teach class. This morning, I had a really lovely class with so many sweet little ones that I love! How could one possibly NOT feel blessed when completely surrounded by these sweet spirits. A few favorite highlights of the day:
  • Two sisters snuggled together during shavasana, I don't have words for how beautiful and special that was to witness.
  • As I was rolling up yoga mats, Ty Ty asked if we were going to do yoga class again. I said "Right now?" and he nodded yes. What a cutie!
The title of the book that I read today is The Mouse & the Buddha by Kathryn Price, about a mouse living in Dharamsala. The illustrations are beautiful and the lessons are priceless. Be kind to one another, be loving, and help those who are in need. It's a beautiful story. I will definitely be reading this one again, and adding it to our home library.

Have a great idea for a book I could use in my class? Comment below please!

In the evening, Cisco, Eva, and I went to family yoga at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas. It's so fun to stretch and play together. We were lead by my instructor, Jodi Komitor, who always leads a wonderful class and is such an inspiration.


  1. Christina, big thank you for organizing this class. My girls truly enjoyed it and it was amazing for me to see my 2.5 year old immersed in yoga so much she forgot about me. I think you are an awesome yoga teacher for kids.

  2. Thank you Monika, that means so much! Watching them together was so incredibly heartwarming. Too often siblings are portrayed as enemies, yet I see so much love amongst them in our group. You are a wonderful mom.

  3. Christina, I have heard such wonderful things about your yoga class that you teach. I am so proud of you. I would also like to recommend a book called "My Daddy is a pretzel" by Baptiste. I am sure you have heard about this book. If not, check it out.

  4. Thanks Nilu! We have it, and the Pretzel cards as well. The first time I saw kids yoga was actually at the Whole Child Whole Planet Expo in L.A., there was a class, and right near there was a stand with Barefoot books. We love it! I see that you also list Mama Panya's Pancakes as a favorite book, we love that one too, such a fantastic story.