Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Class is back on for this week! Friday 10/16 10:30, at Lucky Child.
Please comment on this post to sign up for class. I am so excited to see the kids again! I was hoping to do a park class this week, but I don't think the weather will cooperate ;-).

Now that we're back on our feet & healthy again, I wonder what are YOU doing to prevent illness & boost immune systems for your family? A local & amazing herbalist, Anne Salazar Dunbar recommends fish oils, probiotics, echinacea liquid, plenty of rest, and cooking with astragulus. We are doing most of these, and the grown ups here take Reishi mushroom extract also. Luckily Eva loves mushrooms, so we feed her a lot of shiitakes and fresh mushrooms from the market. A great place to find different mushroom varieties locally is a new (locally run) store called Farm Boy in Oceanside (in the Trader Joe's complex). Their prices are really good. They also have ginger root, jicama, and many other Asian ingredients.

We are also back to drinking raw green smoothies! Today, ours has:
  • Kiwi (thanks Miki!)
  • raw kale
  • frozen spinach
  • frozen pineapple
  • frozen strawberry
  • passion fruit
  • local, raw honey
It's delicious! Today, we are going to juice some grapes & apples that are not to our crisp standards. Stay healthy everyone!


  1. Isabella and I would love to join you - do we need two mats? I don't have one for her...

  2. There are yoga mats to borrow there ;-)