Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween in review

How was your Halloween? How do you handle the influx of refined sugar in your household and in your kids? What about chocolate and the issues with most being mainstream, not fairly traded chocolate?

Halloween at our household rolled out this way: Dressing up as a leopard in the morning, headed to the local farmer's market to trick or treat (Eva got a passion fruit!), and then had a few lovely friends (hosted with the fabulous Angela & Bella) over to our commune for vegetarian chili, corn bread, and fun.

With four trick or treaters + little Julian in tow, we headed down the street for some trick-or-treating. It was a really fun time, the kids did a great job of yelling "trick or treat" and then thanking the gracious givers of goods.

Back to the homestead, the kids dumped out their "stash" and played with the candy for a bit. Eva was permitted to choose 3 pieces of candy to save for another day. The rest was placed outside the door in hopes that the Switch Witch would leave something truly fantastic in it's place.

She DID! A Charlie & Lola DVD, a Nana's cookie (refined sugar & dairy free!), and a bag of snackanimals (organic animal crackers). With regards to the DVD, for those of you who know me and know that we're raising Eva in a low media household, we've found Charlie and Lola to be a great way to let her enjoy a little viewing (at the right time of day) because the episodes are brief. They are also super cute, Charlie & Lola are a sweet sibling pair who seemingly do everything together. I really don't mind them, and the lessons they teach are really nice. That being said, we don't watch them every day (so don't read me the riot act!) and we try to watch them with her.

As for the candy, she was actually excited to swap out for something else, and she has only wanted one piece of candy as her daily post nap treat, it's been Newman's Own cookies instead. Her metabolism is so fast that candy affects her tremendously. We try to avoid it like the plague, because honestly it's not a pretty sight, then we are left with a screaming child and we just feel sorry for her, she hardly knows what to do with herself when she has a sugar overload.

I know most of the kids in my class are no or low media, and low/no refined sugar. How did you handle the Holiday?

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  1. What a great idea to leave the candy for the Switch Witch. I should try it next year with Shereen and Soroush. Miss you Christina. Hope to see you soon.