Saturday, September 5, 2009

Magic moments

In order to escape the paint fumes (our entire apt complex), Eva & I decided to take Cisco out to the Lotus Cafe for his first visit. I knew he would love it, as it reminds me in so many ways of cafes we love in Minneapolis. I think the only thing that would make me feel more at home would be a giant chalkboard with the menu scrawled upon it, what is it about those that makes me so happy? The food was fantastic, we had the vegetarian chili, a portabello mushroom sandwich, and Eva's new- staple- item the Indigo Child's wrap.

The best part? Community, of course! As soon as we arrived, Cisco saw a fellow yoga instructor friend (and Budokon student), and the feeling of being rooted in a community of yogi friends washed over us. What bliss! I also found out that the owners are yoga instructors who ran a not-for-profit yoga center in Oregon for 10 years!

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