Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Treading lightly

Fletcher's Cove, Solana Beach

A glimpse of our beach going tiffin. I get asked about this thing every time I'm out and about, so here's the scoop: Charita at Om-goods sells these awesome & safe food tiffins. We love packing ours full of nutritious goodies. The tortillas are organic whole wheat/corn from Trader Joe's, filled with Almond butter and jelly (farmer's market) & the dip for the snap peas is Majestic Garlic's basil dip, ummm so good. In addition to this, we made a big family salad (which we ate with our To-Go Ware . Trying to "just say no" to plastic utinsils, this set of wooden ones is just lovely. I love waste free lunches!

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